About The Natur Club


My name is Lowri and I’m the founder and owner of The Natur Club, an online store that makes it easy for you to access ethical and sustainable skincare.

Finding products that match your personal values is a challenge. We live in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to fall into shopping habits where we buy whatever we can get our hands on the quickest.

Convenience doesn’t necessarily suit Mother Earth, though. Many of the products that are readily available in supermarkets and online are made using materials and processes that are unethical and unsustainable.

As a consumer, I wanted to buy products that made me feel guilt-free, but like many, I found them hard to come by. I thought about how useful it would be to have an online shop that sells these types of products, all in one place. So, I thought, why don’t I do it? Just like that, The Natur Club was born, and my shop sells products that reflect the core values I look for with skincare: are cruelty free and environmentally friendly.


Building the brand

As a Welsh speaker from Cardiff, it was a natural choice for me to tap into my roots when developing the name for my brand.

‘Natur’ is the Welsh word for nature and I love the way the simplified spelling echoes my brand ethos of keeping everything as organic as possible, bringing it back to basics.

‘Club’ is a nod to the UK-based brands that I work with and how we feel like a team.

I’m dedicated to supporting local businesses and empowering my customers to do the same. Together with our customers, we are part of a journey to create positive change.

Aside from being ethical and sustainable, I strongly believe in the connection to wellbeing, and it is my intention is to create a holistic experience for my customers.


Starting up whilst slowing down

 The Natur Club was founded in 2020 during a globally shared experience that has caused us to slow down, all over the world. It’s brought to light that life has very few necessities and it’s become clear that all we really need are the basics, but what we need most is nature.

Going back to nature is healing in itself. It connects with our inner wellbeing and gives us a moment to pause. This is a time when positive wellbeing is more important than ever before.

I will use The Natur Club not only as an online store, but also as a platform where we can share and learn together, making positive changes through inner self-care work and by helping the environment. Like me, my customers are on their own personal journeys. It’s my ambition to empower them to make sustainable, ethical choices and support local brands.

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Our Promise To You

All products will be

Cruelty Free


Environmentally Friendly

UK Brands